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Order Fulfillment

Element Bars offers order fulfillment to our partners searching for efficient distribution solutions. We can produce your bars, store them in our warehouse, and drop-ship them directly to your customers. Our online system allows you to track inventory and drop-ship your product at our reduced FedEx rates.

As you move forward with your bar brand, it is important to address your warehousing, inventory management, and shipping needs. You have three options to fulfill your orders: you may fulfill with Element Bars, fulfill with a third party logistics provider such as Amazon, or personally warehouse and ship your bars. Keep in mind the additional responsibilities you will have if you decide to fulfill orders out of your own location. You don’t want to end up with 1,000 bars sitting in your living room.

How Element Bars System Works

Wholesale Admin Portal -
After we finish producing your bars, you will be able to access the wholesale admin interface pictured left. Here, you will be able to track your inventory and place new fulfillment orders.
Refill Order -
You may select the number of boxes you wish to send to your customers and we will ship the product within 2 days. You can contact us when you are ready to complete a refill order. Your bars will be produced and ready to ship from our warehouse within three weeks of a refill order.

Costs of Fulfillment with Element Bars

The order fulfillment process consists of three costs: storage, shipping, and pick costs.
  • Storage Costs:
    Packaged bars are stored on a pallet in our warehouse, which is able to hold 8000 bars. The monthly cost per pallet is $50.
  • Shipping Costs:
    Your fulfillment shipping costs will receive the benefit of our reduced FedEx Shipping Rates.
  • Pick Costs:
    will amount to $1.80 per box with 12 pieces or fewer.
The total costs will be sent to you in an itemized monthly bill.

Other FulfillmentOptions

There are also third party fulfillment options to consider, such as third-party logistics (3PL) providers like Amazon.

Amazon Fulfillment

For a fulfillment provider like Amazon, you would start by sending your inventory to Amazon Fulfillment Centers, which are located throughout the United States. They will then pick, pack, and ship your product as well as handle any customer service issues. Amazon can list your product on their website, potentially expanding your customer base. Amazon can also fulfill orders from your own website or other online channels.

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